Nick Howard Murder: Why Was He Killed Brutally?

The dead body was identified as Nick Howard. Later, Authorities revealed he died because of suffocation in water, and they classified his deat.

Scratch Howard murder was perhaps of the most merciless homicide ever.

On fifth February 1997, Scratch didn’t get back. A couple of hours after the fact, his family got stressed and acknowledged something wrong had happened to him, and they went to the police headquarters to report his missing case.

During the examination, his vehicle was found by Police at the lower part of the Sacramento Stream. Following half a month, his dead body was found.

All things considered, a few group were confounded about his puzzling demise and needed to know how and why he wound up dead.

What Happened To Nick Howard?

Scratch went to meet his companion Tony at his café, yet he never got back.

His friends and family thought something was off with him, and they looked through him close to his companion’s eatery and his own home.

Scratch’s mother Patty called the sheriff’s area of expertise the next day, and his dad had been looking for him with his companions, Jake Stanton and Ralph Marcus for a lengthy period.

They found his vehicle’s tire track stamps and told the Police they found his tire marks driving from the way to the riverbank.

Afterward, Cops tracked down his vehicle and furthermore found his glasses inside his vehicle, yet they neglected to track down some other proof or indication of Scratch.

After ten days, Specialists found a dead body close to Clarksburg downstream through the tires’ track marks.

However, they neglected to perceive the dead body and needed to utilize dental records. The dead body was distinguished as Scratch Howard.

Afterward, Specialists uncovered he kicked the bucket in view of suffocation in water, and they arranged his demise as murder.

The Investigation

The police started an examination and figured out the explanation for his demise.

The later examination observed that the genuine explanation for his demise was a life coverage strategy. He had $500,000 and offered $850,000.

The Examiner realized Scratch had ended a life coverage strategy for him and misled the specialist.

Examiners found Scratch had taken out the strategy in the wake of misleading the specialist. His relatives had hardly any familiarity with his extra security strategy, and they were shocked when they considered his name to be a protection recipient.

Ralph additionally said he was likewise ignorant about any protection plot. Individuals who realized reality approached and told the Police Ralphs had been lying for a significant stretch.

He had some awareness of the recipient and, surprisingly, offered fluctuating explanations behind the change. The anonymous affiliation uncovered Scratch and Ralph had been arranging misrepresentation subjects to get rich.

Scratch chose to make his phony passing reports for $1 million in protection cash, and Ralph would gather all the payouts for high expectations for everyday comforts.

Afterward, the Police captured Ralph on account of committing the manslaughter for monetary benefit, which could carry Ralph to the punishment of death, and they likewise accused him of the homicide instance of Scratch.

Scratch presumably followed up on Ralph’s idea when he took out the insurance contract.

Afterward, Police built a hypothesis that Scratch and Ralph met at the dock on the Sacramento Stream, where the mishap occurred, and scratch passed on.

As per the Police, ‘Ralph attempted to power outage to Scratch when he contradicted him he was killed or perhaps he previously arranged from the very outset of his homicide that is the reason he had called and persuaded him for met him.’

Further, Agent accepted that Ralph choked him, tossed him in water, squashed his glasses, and put it in his vehicle when he utilized the container cap in the carburetor so he could send the vacant Mazda into the Sacramento Stream, examiners claimed.


On thirteenth January 2000, As indicated by the Jury, Ralph was found as the killer of Scratch Howard and given existence without the chance of parole.

Ralph Albert Marcus is still in the jail of Donkey Stream StateI, California.

Starting around 2022, he is notable as #P66056 and, as indicated by the California police office, actually has no other choice with the exception of his demise.

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